MELANCHOLY: noun, ‘a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause’.

Another Autumnal energy and one that many of us are experiencing as this wet weather continues to saturate Sydney.

It is completely ‘normal’ to feel a little out of sorts during this trans-seasonal migration in particular because it is all about letting go, grieving and letting old wounds arise in order to clear them for good. It’s the perfect time to sink into feelings of sadness and upset, even resentment and regret, as a window to spiritual cleansing. Every emotion (or energy in motion) that revisits us at this time most definitely has a lesson for our body, mind and/or soul, so the best thing you can do is just let it all come in and breathe it through your heart with as much allowance and love as you can muster. It’s not always going to be ‘fun’ but it will always bring clarity.

We’re building up towards another full moon (this time in Virgo) and after the intensity of that Piscean new moon solar eclipse, we are invited to keep surrendering and handing over the outdated versions of ourselves in order to allow our lightest ones to shine.

Surrender isn’t about giving up or failing however, it’s about choosing to not engage with negative, stubborn, congestive, fearful or disempowering vibrations within ourselves anymore. This creates the space for expansion on all levels and transforms all our resistances, into wisdom and healing medicine.

We realign ourselves with source and starve the ego of its’ power when we surrender. If we let ourselves see the truth of the matter then we will find the strength to shift away from the shadow expressions and towards freedom and light. Stop fighting the rip and rather, relax into it with a deeper commitment to self and self responsibility.

We’ll be working with these energies this afternoon in my shamanic yoga ceremony at Qi Yoga Freshwater – 5pm till 7pm – and apparently there are just a couple of spots left according to my lovely host Mark O’Brien. So if you’re feeling a little bit sad or sorry for yourself and you’re not quite sure why, come join us and squeeze out some multi dimensional impurities!

Blessings and safe travels to all.