Trauma is still circulating. You know it, you feel it.

So many people are going through hardship, relationship breakdowns, personal health crises and any variety of difficult and totally discombobulating scenarios; the number is quite astounding actually. I get messages every day and I see more people each week who are struggling with the increased demands of life and associated stresses. You may be one of them reading this now. I too have had my moments of WTF and “seriously, is this what I called in?!” over the past few weeks as well. The lunar energies are intensifying, we know that. There is much turmoil on the global market, socially, culturally and economically, we know this. Terror attacks are on the increase. Everything we know is up for exchange and transformation and the world is feeling like a very unsettled place.

Does this have to be a bad thing, a negative thing? Of course not. It’s life and it’s necessary, and how we meet it all, will determine our level of health and happiness over the coming months, and years. The edge of chaos is exactly where we need to be as a species if we are to turn the tide and remember who we are.

Lately the line in the sand has been drawn, erased and re drawn. Several times. The bar has been raised, knocked off and raised higher yet again. It is time for each one of us to step up and stop expecting someone else to do the work for us. We ALL have to participate now and do our bit in service. It’s that simple.

That means honing in on our thought patterns, belief systems and wounded inner dialogues so we can clear them.

It means owning, accepting and resolving our emotional traumas and triggers in order to free ourselves from the embedded ancestral hooks that have controlled us for so long.

We are being asked to give more in order to receive more. More love, more compassion, more patience and more showing up boldly and blindly in the faces of the shadows, demons and general fucked-up-ed-ness that often greets us each day.

In ‘reality’, there is no solution because there is no problem.

Just like there is no past or future. Neither actually exist. One is over and the other hasn’t happened yet. All we have is this moment NOW. And that’s a very powerful place to be!

In truth, everything is exactly as it should be. Each one of us is exactly where we need to be, right now, individually and collectively, in order for our soul to learn, grow and evolve.

It’s a hard pill to swallow I know, especially when you see children being physically, mentally and emotionally abused or animals being skinned alive for no other reason than for the perverse pleasure of the perpetrators. Some of the things we are bearing witness to now are absolutely horrific. They defy explanation. Sometimes certain people don’t do anything in their lives that begs forgiveness at all; their souls are beyond saving, their actions are so abhorrent. It gets harder and harder each day to practice equanimity and compassion that’s for sure, and if you’re any kind of spiritual teacher, regardless of your empathic responses or how you perceive things through your own personal filters, you have to hold strong and hold that space for each and every soul no matter what, because that is the work you have chosen to do.

So how do we do that without going insane or losing faith in humanity completely?


And I’m not talking ‘get your dahl on and go all hippy trippy’ because that’s often a facade most of time anyway. Regurgitating any kind of new age dogma will only offer grounding for a certain amount of time, and then you’re back to square one. I’m talking consciously connecting with your divine centre and listening to what She has to share.

When anything in our life shifts dramatically it’s important to get in your heart straight away. Even if that seems like the most painful place to be, which for many people it is. They don’t trust their heart, some can’t even feel their heart, and others don’t know how to interpret the signals their heart gives them. For these people the mind feels more familiar, more trustworthy even, but it’s this trick of the mind, the thoughts and our rationale, that lures us further away from our heart and from the truth. The distracted internal dialogues and voices that feel ‘safe’ to us and that have supported us up to a particular point – this point now where everything is coming undone – is truly not the place to move from anymore. That will just create more disconnection and keep you stuck in a repetitive cycle of doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome; and yes, that is the definition of insanity.

Remember that nothing happens by chance. That on some higher level you (we) have called everything into your (our) life – the good, the bad, the ugly, the traumatic – and when you acknowledge that, you begin to create the space for healing. When you accept what is and let go of what you want/desire/think things should be like, the energy changes, almost instantaneously.

Life is a continual flow of change, of birth, death and rebirth, and the more we resist this truth, the harder and longer our journey’s will be.

Embrace it all and yield to what life is inviting you to experience for your own growth and awakening. Breathe it all in through the heart channel and then breathe it all out through the heart channel. And repeat. Triggers will eventually subside and you will be able to meet and transmute memories and trauma with more ease and acceptance; and without a trilogy of aftermaths.

Own your participation as a co-creatrix and let the feelings rise – the sadness, the anger, the disbelief, the shame etc. Hug them and welcome them into the sacred fires of your heart. Burn away the armor, melt the tension, purify the emotions and regenerate as the Fire Phoenix. This is the year for doing this work! We are on the edge of massive transformation, aligned with quantum forces beyond our understanding and comprehension as humans, but completely known and received by our souls. Let loose the self that lies buried beneath all the conditioning and stories you tell yourself and that you, that we all, have been fed for so long. Give yourself permission to rise from the ashes and manifest a new pathway of being.

I cannot reiterate this enough – THE ONLY WAY OUT, IS THROUGH.

I practice this myself every day and whilst it isn’t a guarantee that the painful things are going to stop or a promise that your world will suddenly become all rosy and picture perfect, it is a guarantee that you will clear your karmic wounds and start to move with more authenticity and more integrity than you would if you keep giving energy to the why/what/should of/could of/when conversations. Hand the reigns to your heart and enjoy the ride for it is only one ride in one lifetime and (your highest) who, knows exactly what’s just around the corner.


Denby X