CHANGE: possibly THE most obvious and most powerful concept woven within the tapestry that is Autumn.

Everything is change. Life cannot exist without change.
Nature is in a constant state of change – momentarily, daily, seasonally, annually, ecologically, spiritually – birthing, growing, maturing, shedding, releasing, dying and rebirthing HERself.

We are made up of the same elements that shape the universe and so we are also agents of and recipients within the planetary flux and flow.

Stop for a moment today and acknowledge how far you’ve come, how much you’ve grown, how strong you actually are now, for having moved through some potent cycles in your life to date. Give yourself a little pat on the back for showing up and for stepping into, all those past experiences – offerings – of personal challenge, growth and evolution, for within what no doubt has been pain, angst and heartache on many occasions (along with myriad other feelings, emotions and adjectives!), you stand here today for a very specific reason, a very obvious purpose. Even if you don’t know what it is just yet, trust that you are here to do something of great benefit for yourself and for the collective good.

So rejoice in this! Embrace change! Welcome the shifting, knowing that this is expansion in its highest frequency now and that all we need do is trust in the divine matrix and align our hearts with Mothers’.

Breathe through your growing pains, however they are manifesting for you right now. The rewards will be beyond your wildest dreams if you do!

We ARE the RE-Generation, not the Y or the X or the Millenial Gen! We are ALL REGENERATORS of heaven on earth.

Believe, embody and express this in your own beautifully unique way as we all slide deeper into the calm, cool and conscious embrace of Autumn.