Talked about this in class today: letting go of the attachments we (all) have, to things that no longer serve us.

If we’re ruthlessly honest with ourselves, we all have a little something that we enjoy giving energy too but in the deepest part of our hearts, we know intuitively that it isn’t a good thing for us.

Yoga is great because thanks to the Yamas and Niyamas, it encourages us to still the mind – to seek the cessation of thought – and work to release ourselves from the bondage of the ego, of constant inner dialogue and repetitive headfcking basically. But it is probably the hardest of the 5 Yamas (Aparigraha, the last of the 5) to master, because we have identified with our mind as our ruler for so long. Aparigraha invites us to stop identifying with our thoughts in order to see the truth, the ‘reality’, of who we are and what is really going on around us.

One way the mind controls us is through attachment. It’s a BIGGEE.

It may be through an addiction to a particular food – ‘but it feels/tastes so good when I eat/drink it and I only do it occasionally’, that we (subconsciously and consciously) convince ourselves isn’t as bad as it seems or that ‘only a little bit won’t hurt/kill me’. Well actually, it might. Maybe down the track when you’ve ignored enough signals from inside your own body, you will eventually own that self sabotage pattern – the one your soul agreed to take on for the rest of the family – and manage to avoid manifesting a chronic illness of some description. Cut THAT cord now baby.

The ego is FULL of interesting and persuasive arguments isn’t it?
No-one is safe.

It may be an old way of reacting; or a burning urge to have the last say in an argument/discussion; or an inability to walk away from someone whom our gut tells us isn’t right for us, but that our mind (or heart often too) tells us that they really aren’t that bad, they are just misunderstood, wounded or in need of our special brand of TLC. ‘He has a good heart and does so many nice things for me; I can turn a blind eye to his drinking or his wandering eye or the fact that he watches porn all the time when I visit my friends and then checks them out behind my back when they come over for a BBQ’. Hmmmm. He’s not right for you honey, you deserve better. No-one and no-thing is worth you sacrificing yourself for. Yep, let THAT martyr attachment go too!

Maybe it’s a recurring pattern in your life – a seasonal one where cyclic hayfever or irritation with someone close to you continues to agitate; a hormonal one where your body takes you prisoner on a regular basis; or a work-related one that recycles drama in a different way, but is basically ‘the same shit, different story’. ‘This job pays my bills so I should be grateful for it. I’ll just ignore the sexual advances from my revolting boss and pretend that I like everyone here despite the fact that nobody smiles or connects like a human being because that’s the ‘right’ thing to do’, or ‘I don’t want to cause any problems’ or ‘this is a stepping stone job to the one I really want to have’. Don’t sell yourself short – manifest your dream job NOW! And maybe you honestly do believe that you can be the catalyst for change in the workplace or that people will change if you just keep holding the space for them to do so. Maybe that dude (the latest version of the same guy with the same habits at your last job) with the slimy centrepart and bad taste in suits will stop breathing heavily down your neck in the elevator if you ask him politely not to; for the fiftieth time. Newsflash: he won’t and they can’t. Yep, throw that one where it belongs too – IN. THE. TRASHCAN. The universe ALWAYS rewards bravery, trust and self loving action, especially when it comes to exploring where your talents can best be in service. Own the shadowy belief that you don’t deserve better or aren’t good enough – and then yep, you guessed it, CHUCK IT – because YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. The job isn’t.

However attachment shows up for you – OWN IT. THEN BLOW IT.
Owning your attachments first is the only way to truly break free of them. It’s about responsibility – our ability to RESPOND. And then our ability to ACT. To participate in our own evolution.

Acknowledging where your strengths and weaknesses are, doesn’t mean you are a failure, or that you have no personal power or are not a nice/good person. Acknowledgment of attachment – of blockage or illusion if you prefer – is how our spirit embodies being human and it’s how we all begin to walk the path towards healing and expanding ourselves on all levels.

“The shadow of greed, that is”, says Yoda.
Our obsession with things – ANY-THINGS – outside of ourselves, is what is driving our world to the brink of extinction. We actually need very little to survive. We NEED food, shelter and love. We WANT over sized TV’s, Gucci handbags and the latest tupperware range in matching colors. Greed is connected to the ‘original sin’ or belief that man is superior to the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, and that survival of the fittest, means ‘crush, kill and destroy all others in your path’ instead of ‘live in alignment with all natural forces and beings with integrity and mutual respect.’

We are all going through major portals and celestial initiations now make no mistake – the planets are almost holding us ransom to this awakening vibration until we finally GET what we have to do! There IS NO SPACE for our shit on the spaceship.

CALL FORTH all your forgotten gifts and ancestral wisdoms.
EMBRACE all your fears, doubts, insecurities and hidden, safe and familiar, sexy, dark and perhaps slightly perverted attachments and shine the biggest motherfcuker rays of source light you can gather upon them, as you would in an interrogation circle, with only one focus in mind – FINDING & KNOWING THE WHOLE TRUTH.

See all attachments for what they are and for what they offer: frequencies with a purpose and the potential to SET YOU FREE.
Energies in constant motion – calling you HOME.

“The essence of you, this is”.
(Me, trying to be Yoda lol)