VULNERABILITY: what does it mean to you?

Language-wise it is “the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.”

I think we can all relate to this powerful vibration, and whilst some people may have a more intimate relationship with it than others, it still remains almost a taboo topic in society. We are seen as weak if we show our vulnerable side.

Men are (generally) afraid to acknowledge their soft underbelly/vulnerable side, and (most) women it would be safe to say, spend a big chunk of their day sitting in and with, vulnerability and the heartcracking challenges it offers.

Regardless of gender, Autumn brings up myriad emotions such as hypersensitivity and stubbornness, alongside physical symptoms such as hayfever, sinusitis and digestive/bowel disruption for example, so it is actually the perfect time to start taking a good hard look at what (and who) we are giving energy to in our lives, our heads and our hearts, that creates ongoing agitation and irritation. Resistance in all its’ forms in fact.

I’ve said before that it’s the season of ‘snot, tears and poo’, and I am not joking. These three things are connected to the mucous linings of your lungs and colon and the fascia around your heart, the pericardium, so they directly affect the function and feeling of these organs in particular.

Lungs = unresolved grief and sadness that needs to transform
Colon = time to shed some ‘shit’ that doesn’t nourish you anymore
Pericardium = expand your emotional boundaries and trust in love and the healing changes/circumstances that life continually offers.

Altogether = when you let GO, you let IN.

Think about where you can create some much needed space today – in your head, your heart, in your body, in your life – where you can feel MORE vulnerable and open – and keep surrendering to the process with every conscious breath.

Embrace vulnerability, for it is within this frequency, that your intrinsic strengths will be revealed.