The world climate is changing. No surprise there.
And we are being called to change along with it.

So how are you doing?

Are you meeting these tumultuous times with more fire and more resistance, or are you able to let go and surrender with trust that there is a bigger, mightier plan unfolding and that everything is as it should be?

Personally I am regularly moving through catharsis of some sort and that is my intention, on a soul level and as a spirit being inhabiting this funny human suit. I don’t want to float around aimlessly, accumulating stuff I don’t need, not feeling fully, not connecting deeply with others or not appreciating, respecting and serving Nature. I choose to embrace all sensations, the nice ones and the not so nice ones equally, and always as an open and curious vessel that is re-learning about herself in each moment. I choose to be raw, vulnerable, authentic and real, even when it smarts because I know that every single experience we encounter offers us healing – no matter how fcuked up it may seem at the time – and every moment we breathe into, gives us the chance to balance our karmic scales and fulfill our light purpose. It’s messy, it’s often dirty and it’s noisy. But so is sex (if you’re doing it right lol). It’s all in your perspective and your ability to (re)claim your power.

Yep, sounds radical to some I am sure, but I purposely CALL IN challenge and change, consciously and subconsciously, because I not only know that I have the strength to deal with and transform my wounds into my medicines, but because I know this is the only way to reunite all levels of myself and make sense of this (putting it po-lightly lol) “interesting” plane of existence. This is why I do the work I do and why I am so passionate about supporting others to find the same spark within themselves.

We’re all here to CONNECT, so let’s CONNECT!! With ourselves, truthfully, ruthlessly; and with each other, consciously, compassionately. EVERY DAY.

It’s your life. And it doesn’t have to be this way. You CAN edit it. At anytime and in any direction you wish. The question is – do you want to be free to write the chapters on your own or continue allowing ghost writers to govern your reality and steer the course of your future storylines? These ‘sub-writers’ are the whisperings of our ego, the pained voices of our damaged relatives keeping us stuck and the wounded energies of the past that in truth no longer exist and yet fight tooth and nail for continued inclusion in our lives. I say WRITE THEM OUT!

‘The meaning of life’ actually has nothing to do with buried religious artifacts or spooky superstitions, and everything to do with heart.

It’s #showupandlovethefcukoutofyourselfeverydamnday.