So it may be a little earlier than usual, but Autumn is definitely starting to make an appearance.

The weather is sure to do a forwards-backwards dance for a few weeks in this phase, but the shift has begun, as evidenced by many of you starting to get sinusy, hayfevery and catching colds and bronchitis.

It’s time to clean up our diets by tonifying our lungs and colons, and nourishing our root connection to the earth.

I never advocate intense ‘shock-style’ detoxes as I believe they are often too much for the majority of people (and constitutions) to handle and stick to, so I’ve found over the years that slowly introducing the good stuff will help build digestive and energetic integrity and you’ll naturally and gradually stop craving the bad stuff.

I’ll share some handy seasonal tips in my yoga workshop this Sunday but here are a few basics that most of us shouldn’t find too scary:

* Introduce sauerkraut to every meal (yes, even breakfast)
* Start making porridge for breakfast (and eat between 7am – 9am)
* Reduce dairy and break intake, with a view to eventual elimination.
* Remove all chemicals, irritants and pollutants from your home!
* Stop smoking – or hanging around those who do.

If you sense that your lungs/colon are your weak point and/or you find you are always getting snotty or weepy, despondant or lethargic (or that major life crises occur) at this time of year, come see me for a yoga program and/or energetic clearing to restore balance on all levels.

Keep your necks and kidneys warm, breathe deep, trust in life and LET GO of the grief and all the things that don’t work in your life anymore! This is the season of drawing in and squeezing out impurities, agitations and patterns, so create the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual space for yourself to align with Autumn, with the Metal and Vata elements, and experience positive vibes and renewed energy in all areas of your life.