EXPECTATION: another autumnal energy asking for recalibration.

Expectation is an interesting vibration and many of us are caught in its’ web without even realizing it.

For instance, when we do something for someone else like a favor or a good deed, we don’t ask to be rewarded or thanked because (hopefully) we are just doing it out of the kindness of our hearts; but if we’re honest with ourselves, there is perhaps a small wounded part still lurking inside of us that is looking for recognition in some form and that niggling inner dialogue can usually (I would even say always) be traced back to an attachment on some level in our energy field. We can always link it to a past (or past life) experience where the frequency was similar and where the outcome became embedded.

“I didn’t expect him to act like that/to leave me. I thought he was different/would never do that.” Expectation.

“I don’t expect anything in return for doing that favor for my friend in need, but it would have been nice if she had of acknowledged the effort I put into making her day easier.” Expectation.

“Why can’t anyone in this family tidy up after themselves/clean up/help me out once in a while?!” Expectation.

Expectation insinuates into our lives over time and often distorts our perception of what it is that we are doing and why we are doing it. And because there is such a fine line between what is right/wrong, what is appropriate in certain circumstances/what is not, embedded deep within our social structures, we often end up disappointed, angry and then reactive when the behavior of others’ doesn’t line up with what we were ‘seeing’ through our own personal filters.

People do some weird shit. Let them do it. Don’t be attached, concerned, take it on as yours or try and ‘fix’ them. Let them be as they are and own your energetic responses.

Autumn is the season for dissolving and resolving all the old blocks and patterns that congest our minds, hearts and physical bodies. It’s the perfect time to reflect and take an honest look at how we are engaging with others, around others and without others in order to break some chains and expand some boundaries. If someone isn’t doing something that you think (ie expect) they should be doing – or they do something opposite to what you thought (ie expected) they would do – take a moment to feel into your own programming and examine why their behavior affects you so and what you can do to release yourself from that pressure and pain.

Let everything and everyone BE AS IT IS AND AS THEY ARE.
Stop being attached to the actions (or inactions) of others.
Allow, accept and attune yourself in every moment and free yourself from the vibration of expectation.
Practice this and you will tonify your Metal element in multi directions to create and re-create clearer pathways of ingestion, integration and engagement.

As Yoda would say, ‘Expect it, not’… and (don’t expect to) be very surprised at what arises!!