Exquisite rituals

I have experienced profound and extremely positive shifts as a result of my work with Denby. She always creates this sacred space which allows me to feel safe, held and heard. During my sessions it was as though I was staying at a favourite relative’s home – I felt so safe, relaxed and nurtured. Which is not to say it was a passive experience. Quite the contrary – we both worked hard. Denby’s exquisite rituals and attention to sensory detail allowed me to shed many layers. Past attachments, patterns, ways of thinking that no longer served me. I find Denby so empathic and in tune and I believe her healing work is such a powerful conduit for change.

Felicity Davey

Insightful and intuitive

My shamanic sessions with Denby have been deeply profound. Denby is incredibly insightful and intuitive. She has guided me through many personal challenges and allowed a safe space for me to grow, giving me guidance and a supportive nurturing environment to build my strength and confidence.


Natural spiritual leader and healer

Not only is Denby a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher she is a natural spiritual leader and healer. Her vast expertise of the anatomical body, philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga has permanently shifted my perspective of the practice. Denby transfers this knowledge to her shamanic healing sessions invoking a power that is intangible. Denby acts as conduit channelling healing energy on a multi layer level.I didn’t know what to expect at first but after I lay down she immediately tuned in to what needed to be healed in such a way that it brought about immediate benefit and relief. I have known and been treated by Denby for the past year now and have been blessed by her healing touch and the genuine warmth of her soul. I find it hard to put into words just what Denby does or how she does it, but after I asked spirit for help they guided me to this special soul to which I will be eternally grateful.


A space for expression and sharing

I love these circles! The new moon with yoga and ritual and the full moon ceremonies leave me feeling heard, supported and part of a beautiful community.

I love the different altars Denby creates and the stories she weaves into the rituals. She puts so much heart into her work and always shows up for each one of us with unwavering strength and compassion, no matter how we are feeling or what we are projecting. She holds the group together gracefully and creates a space for expression and sharing that I treasure and look forward to each month.

There is nothing like it. Or her.


I thought I had experienced it all

I have seen many ‘healers’, psychics, re birth workers and ‘shamans’ over the years, both here in Australia and in various parts of the world. I have sat in ceremony with elders, taken plant medicines and worked on myself consciously for a long time to heal some chronic illnesses. I understand a lot about the body, the mind and the soul as a result, and up until meeting Denby and having a session with her, I thought I had experienced it all.

Denby has raised the bar so far up for me it is unbelievable. I was astounded at her accuracy at diagnosing my physical symptoms and how they connected to my thoughts, belief systems and were now manifesting through my emotional body. I didn’t tell her a thing ~ she told me all about me and my challenges, as well as my gifts, and within the first five minutes I knew she was going to be a very powerful conduit to work with. Our session left me feeling exhausted, elated and expanded beyond anything I have ever felt. I communed and made peace with my pain and finally understand the karmic tapestry have been living after having several past lives resolved through an incredible process she does that I still cannot even put into words.

Her drum and chanting echoed through my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad I listened to my friend and went to see her, for just one session has opened me up to another level and given me the strength and courage to keep walking my path. So much love and gratitude for you Denby, you are truly one of the most powerful healers of our time and I am so glad you live near me!


Changes everything

I can honestly say I have never been to a yoga class of this calibre anywhere. I have practiced regularly over the years and attended yoga classes of various styles around the world and my very favourite have always been with Denby.
Under her very connected and loving guidance I have experienced many wonders on my mat. I feel cleansed, opened and stretched, physically
and spiritually and always leave with a deep warmth inside of me, unsure of whether that sensation has been reignited inside me, or been intentionally channelled into me.
Denby has a beautiful way of creating and holding a sacred space; I feel totally safe to explore and let go. Having Denby’s teaching, her dedication and her awesome, deep knowledge in my life, changes everything.
Kath - massage therapist

Natural affinity with people and yoga

WOW. I recently went to Evolve with some girlfriends and participated in one of Denby’s Sexy Yoga sessions. It was one of the most inspiring classes I have ever done.  Her knowledge, delivery, warmth and humour had us all instantly smiling from the inside out!  She is an amazing teacher, gifted, kind and her style of yoga has opened my eyes and refreshed my heart and soul.

As a yoga teacher myself, it’s often difficult to find someone that speaks to you in such a deep and connected way, or that holds you intuitively, but Denby has this natural affinity with people and yoga… I relaxed immediately, mentally and physically and by the end, had a real sense that my practice had shifted dramatically.  I now have a totally new perspective about yoga and how I teach myself, and can’t wait to get her books on Ki Fusion and Sexy Yoga! Thank you Evolve for including Denby in your lineup!


Blissed out and smiling

What I love most about Denby’s yoga is that it is so DIFFERENT. She is obviously well trained and a dedicated student herself, but she is also a naturally gifted teacher with a powerful energy and voice. No matter what kind of headspace I’m in when I step onto my mat, I feel safe in the knowledge that she is already quietly assessing me, gauging everyone’s energy and sensing what we each need.

She manages to blend a wide base of yogic influences and knowledge, with just the right amount of challenge, compassion and humour, leaving everyone completely blissed out and smiling. It’s often very hard to get off the mat and move out of the studio! This is why I keep coming back to her and keep recommending her. You just don’t experience a teacher like this very often.


Constant inspiration

Denby provides a relaxing, peaceful space in which to come and practice. Her unique style is holistic and leaves you feeling like every part of the body and mind has been attended to.  Her knowledge of yoga and the body is a constant inspiration to me.  Her adjustments are pure heaven and her warmth and care is tangible in the room.  I always come out of Denby’s class feeling loved and nurtured and like anything is possible.


Authentic humble Master

Denby is one the few people I know, who has been blessed with finding her true life’s path.

She imparts to her students through her approach to Yoga and it’s teachings, a natural sense of balance and integrity, which resonates deep within.  After one of Denby’s classes, as you head out the door of Breathing Space Yoga Studio to once again face your busy life… a feeling that all is right in the world! perfect! and in order!, stays long after the mats have been rolled up and put away.

She is an authentic humble Master.


Comprehensive holistic therapy

There are special people who come into your life and Denby is one of mine.

I have been practising Ki Yoga for two and a half years and in this time I have changed from a congested, tight, inflexible being to a very much looser and younger feeling body today. I believe this is from the comprehensive holistic therapy that Denby provides. Each class feels like it has been designed especially for you and always seems to be just what you need at that session, and when talking to others in the class I have found they too, feel the same. I have also had a one-on-one session with nutritional advice and a corrective yoga class. Both have put me on track and helped the menopausal system I had created. Thank you Denby, you’re a true star.


Welcoming vibe

Denby is one of those teachers who leaves an imprint on your soul. She has a unique style that I have not experienced anywhere else during my 20 years of practice – and I have attended many classes with many teachers around the world.

Breathing Space is now like my second home because of the welcoming vibe she has created there. She shares her extensive knowledge graciously, on and off the mat, and has this intuitive ability to see and sense exactly what each person needs with their practice, as each class progresses. I often feel like she is reading my mind! She keeps it (and us), real by supporting our growing awareness of ourselves, but also makes things light and fun so we are able to see our human attachments with humour when we need too! OM OM OM!


Utmost professionalism – genuine love and care

When I was first introduced to Denby’s yoga class at Breathing Space I knew instantly I was welcome, safe and held by warmth and genuine care in this space. This was prior to even placing my body on my yoga mat. My introductory class that followed was grounded yet uplifting and a great challenge in mind, body and spirit.

I am a professional dancer turned mother of three and have studied various forms of yoga all over Australia and abroad over the past twenty years. It is with great commitment I would declare Denby the most fulfilling of any Yogi’s I have studied with throughout my career and lifetime. Denby has an amazing ability to remind you to stay connected to the breath throughout the entire class whilst giving insight to the benefits of each posture as her technical corrections and reminders ensure results. You are part of a group at Denby’s class and each member is treated with utmost professionalism and genuine love and care in a very grounded gentle manner. I would doubt anybody could leave Breathing Space having done a class with Denby and not acknowledge it was a positive step in their day.

Mandy Burlinson

Holistic and joyful

I travel all around the world teaching Qigong workshops and one of the great joys of being an instructor is to relax into the times when you yourself can be a student.  Whenever I come through Sydney, I love taking Ki FUSION Yoga classes with Denby at Breathing Space.  Denby’s style is holistic and joyful; I feel I can fully receive as she holds a space of knowledge, dedication and caring.

Francesco Garri Garripoli (International Qi Gong master, author and healer)

Denby is so insightful and intuitive

I have regular shamanic healings with Denby and they have forever changed me. Her caring and compassionate style enables me to be open to work on a very deep energetic level and I am able to shift so many layers of thoughts, behaviours and patterns that no longer serve me and that have been holding me back for so long.

I feel like the most alive, shiny, glowing goddess after each session! Denby is so insightful and intuitive that she is always able to facilitate shifts in my thoughts and consciousness that many years of work had only dented. I am forever grateful to the universe for leading me to Denby.

Sally - acupuncturist

Inspiring and spiritual dialogue

Denby is an amazing and inspiring yoga instructor. Her depth of knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics of the body is unlike most. She understands the importance of correct posture and movement when on the mat that I very much appreciate.

She has a hands-on approach where she may correct your form or give you a little “squeeze”, a massage, or release an area with an impromptu Reiki treatment which is extra special. She also takes her teaching to a whole other level with her inspiring and spiritual dialogue.

I leave her classes feeling so much more open, renewed mentally and spiritually and ready to tackle the week ahead.

Alison - chiropractor / applied kinesiologist

Sublime 5-star accommodation

I knew I was in for an amazing experience when I booked into Denby’s Desert Dreaming Retreat at Uluru. What I didn’t know, was, how amazing that experience would be.

Sublime 5-star accommodation, gourmet food, soulful music, new experiences, new friendships and a spine-tingling, magical, spiritual oasis where
Mother nature has truly excelled. My heartfelt gratitude and thanks to you Denby; your meticulous research, thoughtful planning, attention to detail and intuitive hands on healing techniques are phenomenal.

I’m still pinching myself and I can’t wait to join her on another of her amazing retreats soon!

Cheryl - Optometrist Technician