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Denby is renowned for her insightful and natural affinity with teaching and a pioneering approach to yoga, health and healing. She is passionate about awakening individuals to their innate power and place within the nature-spirit-self matrix and dedicates each day to supporting others on their paths to living lives that are authentic, sustainable and full. Denby dedicates herself to continual wellness education, community service and soul evolution through her work and own life journey. She has mentored many yoga teachers and students over the years, helping them to anchor their individual gifts with strength and integrity. Her passion for conscious collaboration led Denby to initiate the Japanese Yoga Teachers Association in Sydney in 2007 and co-found the ocean conservation charity Living Ocean Yoga in 2013. As an eco advocate she serves to enlighten the yoga community about the importance of preserving and protecting Mother Ocean and Mother Earth, minimizing collective plastic pollution, eradicating animal cruelty and building across-board business sustainability. Her latest initiative is Yoga Spirit Journeys, a bespoke eco-luxe retreat series that seeks to connect people with country through the practices of yoga, meditation, charity and full moon and indigenous ceremony. Denby has diplomas in Japanese (Ki) Yoga and Hatha Yoga, Swedish Massage, Kinergetics, Bowen Therapy and Energetic Healing. She has trained in Mind-Body Counselling, Theta Healing, Animal Husbandry and Healing, Shamanic Earth-Centered Practices, Soul Retrieval Healing, Crystal Alchemy, Ceremonial Work and Meditation. As well as teaching several yoga classes each week, Denby is also available for private in person appointments and Skype sessions (half hour or 1 hour blocks) during the weekdays. Please get in touch with any questions you have as I am more than happy to talk about what you need and how I can help you. Blessings, Denby x
Denby Sheather
Denby Sheather6 days ago

Chiron (the wounded healer planet), moves from Pisces into Aries. After a 50+ year journey around the sun mind you. No easy feat!

So what does this mean for us?


With this frequency, we are able to heal ourselves. We are able to shift to a completely new dimension energetically. As light workers, we will be recognized for our contribution to the collective. We are more able to balance the feminine energies of balance and receptivity, with the masculine vibrations of action and manifestation. We are able to bridge heaven and earth, to merge our human and divine selves. Chiron in this phase is essentially gonna make it glaringly obvious (to ourselves as well as others), WHO WE TRULY ARE!


Each one of us has the potential fromt this point on, to create our own personal (and energetic) LEGACY.

So watch how Aries rises and manifests inside your energetic matrix today. There MAY be the tendency to fire up, want to prove you are right/better and maybe even a bit of unashamed self promotion and self love in there as well lol!

I have had a minor challenge this morning that I instantly transformed into a positive, and instead of letting myself get deflated by it and go into self judgment, I chose to see it as another gift from the universe to stand in my truth and embrace all that I am. To claim who and what I am to yet another level of femmempowerment.

I AM a powerful medicine woman.
A master activator.
My work changes lives.
I don't do the spiritual bypass thing.
I see your blocks and I resolve them, fully.
Cleanly. Potently. Completely.
And you will feel it in every cell and fiber of your being.
I don't attract people who aren't ready to embrace this level of work.
I call in people who are ready to actively participate in their own healing and do the work every moment of every day.
And I don't sacrifice myself (or my unique gifts) to appease, feed fear, or make others feel inferior or superior.

Yes today is BIG! Aries. Fire. Light. LIFE. AWAKENING!!
Breathe the phoenix in and change your reality NOW.
The age of the guru is over.
The time of the heart warrior has arrived.

Are you ready to wake up, step up and show up in your fullness at this point in time? Are you ready to shine?

If yes, book in with me on:

I'm also about to go sit in one of the most powerful portals in the world again - ULURU - the solar plexus of Gaia. If you are needing deep healing, wanting to connect with your own gifts, need a holiday with a difference where you can anchor into the earth and receive what you have been craving, then this retreat is for you!

Book one of the last spots on:

L <3 V E
Denby Sheather
Denby Sheather1 week ago
Woohoo! #yogaspiritjourneys and #desertdreaming is in #harpersbazaar, out today! Blessings and gratitude 🙏🏽💛
Denby Sheather
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Denby Sheather
Denby Sheather2 weeks ago
It's an #11 day in an #11 year.

Plus Aries is firing up as we move towards new moon and Mercury going direct (15th and 16th respectively).


How are you receiving them?

Give me a call for FREE and I can help usher you through the transformative vibrations that are influencing us all, with grace, ease and empowerment.

Visit and book in before I head to Uluru on the 26th.

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Denby Sheather
Denby Sheather
Denby Sheather3 weeks ago
Today - this whole week in fact - is all about EXPANDING LOVE.

April is a #15 month, which reduces to #6, the universal number of LOVE.

Together the numbers #1 (new beginnings, courage, opportunity and rebirth) and #5 (freedom, risk, adventure and movement), offer us all the chance to practice being deeper, clearer, more conscious and more compassionate versions of ourselves.

We can literally ALCHEMIZE ourselves into LOVING LIGHT!

Try practicing gratitude for things that haven't manifested onto this realm yet, knowing they are on their way. Believe yourself to be the recipient of all your hearts' desires, NOW, and breathe it into being.

And everything that stands in the way of your souls' evolution to its' highest and best?