Denby's journey

Denby was born in Athens to Australian parents and grew up in Mosman on Sydney’s North Shore.

Her childhood revolved around Mediterranean food, indigenous art, school holiday horse camps, imaginary friends in the garden, the creative and visual arts, nature and the elements and various loving pets. This deep love and compassion for animals, nurtured by the rest of her equally-animal-happy family, was supported by a growing and intuitive ability to understand and communicate with them also. After completing high school, she turned her other passions for photography, acting and film production into a busy freelance business as one of Australia’s most sought after hair and makeup artists.

After many years working in the editorial and television industries, a car accident left her incapacitated and unable to work for several months. With plenty of time off to recuperate and reflect she began reading all the typical self help books from authors such as Eckhart Tolle, Paolo Coello, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Osho, opening up many layers of self for acknowledgment, ownership and then gradually, personal healing.

As her understanding of all things spiritual grew, so did her ability to channel and manipulate energy. She signed up for various modalities at Nature Care College and began attending yoga classes to support her rehabilitation, falling in love with the practice and also discovering the natural teacher within.

Yoga was the initial catalyst that opened her to a new way of living and being and led to her studying Ki Yoga for 2 years with renowned master teachers Jack Marshall and Richard Paton. She continued to explore the mind-body connection for several years by studying different yogic styles and alternative healing therapies including Yin Yoga, Purna Yoga and Sivenanda Yoga plus Shiatsu, Reiki, Kinergetics, Massage, Bowen therapy and Theta and Energetic Healing.

Her special offerings include chakra balancing, spiritual/psychic surgery, intuitive channeling, somatic body work, ritual casting, divination and karmic clearing. She is also a gifted Empath and animal communicator.

It is because of the support and guidance of her elders, shamanic teachers and spiritual guides that Denby has grown into the gifted, grounded and transformative facilitator that she is today.