About Denby

Denby is a natural born healer,

a respected and inspired yoga teacher and therapist, workshop facilitator, shamanic intuitive, integrative energy healer, birth guardian, ceremonial leader and writer.

With a special gift for assisting individuals through deep transformation and transition, Denby has facilitated private sessions, yoga classes and workshops as well as national and international healing retreats for well over a decade.

Denby currently lives in Sydney with her son and holds the space at the beautiful eco aware studio Breathing Space Yoga in Avalon. Here she facilitates regular shamanic gatherings, monthly women’s and lunar circles plus her own thriving healing business. She is available for private yoga and healing sessions by appointment during the week as well as birth consults and yoga therapy.

Passionate about inspiring individuals

to remember their own potent connections to nature, spirit, soul and self and dedicates each day to supporting others on their paths to living lives that are authentic, sustainable and full.

The perpetual student herself, Denby is inspired by leading international yogis including Shiva Rea, Donna Farhi, Simon Borg-Olivier, Tara Judelle and Francesco Garri Garripoli, and guided by the enlightened teachings of Gangaji, her husband Eli, and the luminosity of healer Caterina Pellegrino-Estrich.

Denby is well renowned on the Northern Beaches and across Sydney, known for her insightful and natural affinity with teaching and a pioneering approach to yoga, health and healing.

Through her passion for community and collaboration, Denby initiated the Japanese Yoga Teachers Association in Sydney in 2007, uniting for the first time the three lineages influenced by the teachings of Master Oki (Ki, Ryoho and Oki-do) and co-founded the ocean conservation charity Living Ocean Yoga in 2013, which works to raise awareness and activation within the yoga community about the preservation and protection of Mother Ocean, the use of plastics and utilizing the collective yogic voice to help conserve nature in all Her forms.

Denby dedicates herself to continual health education and community service, soul evolution and heart expansion through her work and own life journey, freely mentoring many yoga teachers and students over the years and helping them to anchor their individual gifts with strength and integrity.

Denby’s Background

Denby has a Diploma in Japanese Yoga and Hatha Yoga, a Diploma in Makeup Artistry, and Diploma’s in Swedish Massage, Kinergetics, Bowen Therapy and Energetic Healing from Nature Care College in Sydney. She has trained in Mind-Body Counselling, Theta Healing, Shamanic Earth-Centered Practices, Soul Retrieval Healing, Crystal Therapy, Ceremonial Work and Meditation.